Apr 13, 2056

Cookie in the mountains.

Leftist abruptly left today, by no fault of his own. I'm devastated. Ripley and I are a wreck. Rogers is no better, either. Leftist was really close to us. I've been getting sicker for a bit, and this really isn't helping it. I feel nauseous and dizzy with every step. It's like the world's ended.
I'm going to mope with Ripley for a while. I've always had problems with losing people. My friends complete me. While I knew I'd probably have to say goodbye to Leftist one day, I didn't expect it to be now, and not like this...

I feel really empty. I could barely pay attention to the rest of our mission today. It's not like we found much anyway. It's far too late for there to be any more survivors from the Saturno. The storms would've killed us, had we not been rescued.

And for what? Leftist's gang to get upset at the Commander, snap, and bail on us, taking Leftist with them with an offer he couldn't refuse? I have no doubt in my mind they extorted him. "We have your girl, we'll let you see her if you leave with us."
I just hope they weren't lying to him about having his girlfriend.
I hope he's not alone up there.
That'd hurt me more than us losing him.


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